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Providing security in the online trade of firearms.

How it works?

Securing your transaction in 5 easy steps

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Win-win for both parties


  • Pay only once you're satisfied with the items or services
  • Protection against product misrepresentation by Seller
  • Protection against non-completion of service by Seller


  • Protection against non-payment
  • Protection against payment fraud
  • Protection against potentially insolvent Buyers

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Is it safe?

Is it secure?

How much are the Fees?

Is it safe?

We took extra time when creating ARMSPAY to ensure that the buyer and seller were protected during the transaction. We use a method similar to an escrow transaction where the funds from the buyer are reserved till the buyer receives the product they ordered. Then and only then does the seller get paid. The seller knows that the funds are reserved prior to shipping the product. Everyone wins in this model.

Is it secure?

We not only use the highest strength SSL certificate to protect the ARMSPAY site. All payment require a secondary authenticate through your email or mobile phone so only you can approve your funds being deposit and withdrawn though the ARMSPAY service. I addition, we verify each users identity to ensure you are transacting with a real person.

How much are the Fees?

ARMSPAY charges a flat $2 per transaction to manage the buy process. In addition, the banking fees are comprised of a flat 4% of your transaction. This is customary with credit card companies where typically the business selling the goods and services absorb the cost. In this case the seller has already built these fees into the cost of the item.

Our partners

Our partners and companies that use our services

Rainier Arms

Rainier Arms is an establish firearms distributor focused on the black rifle and pistol customization markets for going on 13 years. Rainier Arms uses the ARMSPAY technology on their site to enable a payment method free from credit cards, using the familiar banking processes that customers are familiar with like checks (electronic) in a simple and secure way.


Revolvr started as a person to person marketplace for selling firearms and accessories that are collecting dust in one’s gun locker. So many times our customers buy something, shoot it for a while then want something else. The name Revolvr comes from the idea of “revolving” that inventory and continually buying new “toys”.