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ARMSPAY Fees, User Agreement and Terms of Service

In order to provide you with the safest, easiest and most convenient services possible, ARMSPAY charge small transaction fees for providing the financial intermediary services in each transaction. The fees charged by ARMSPAY will be included in the sales transaction. As such, a buyer will have their bank account charged with the transaction amount with the fees included. Likewise, the seller in a transaction will receive the transaction amount, less the transaction fees. ARMSPAY's is committed to provide its users with the best lowest transaction costs possible, the fees charged for each transaction by ARMSPAY will fall into one of the following two categories:

  • ARMSPAY Fee:

    ARMSPAY charges a fixed $1 for each transaction. We have fixed costs associated to running this as a business. Banking fees, identity verification and SMS messaging to name a few of the fees we incur. These fees my change in the future as services to operate the business either increase or decrease.

  • eCheck Transactions:

    For transactions involving payments made using a buyer's bank, ARMSAPY charge 2% of the transaction value. This fee will be included in the item cost as traditional goods and services are using credit cards.