Welcome to ArmsPay!

About ArmsPay

ARMSPAY was started by firearm enthusiasts at Rainier Arms (www.rainierarms.com) who were frustrated with online transactions of firearms and accessories.

Banks and financial online services have traditionally excluded and at times discriminated against the firearm industry to the degree that buyers and sellers of firearms would need to either hide their purchases from these financial institutions or send money orders though traditional mail to transact person to person. So, the enthusiast at ARMSPAY put their heads together and decided to develop a system which used traditional banking processes (checks and ACH) to electronically make the buying process safe, secure and simple.

ARMSPAY follows the following principles:
  • Create the safest payment method for both Buyers and Sellers
  • Create a simple, easy-to-use, and highly flexible user interface
  • Provide our Buyers and Sellers with high quality communication at all relevant times during the financial transaction
  • Provide our services at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing transaction security
    • Having been active participants of the firearm industry for over 12 years, we are in it for the long haul and have a reputation to uphold in the industry with our other businesses. The ARMSPAY technology is designed to encourage more transactions in our community. Transactions where both buyer and seller are protected!