Welcome to ArmsPay!


Our platform does not assume that buyer and seller are face-to-face, exchanging cash for goods that have already been inspected.

The ARMSPAY difference: We protect the Buyer by safely and securely taking payment from a buyer's checking account so that Buyers don't have to release personal information to a Seller. We protect Sellers by verifying the receipt of the funds before notifying the Seller that the transaction has been funded. That way, Sellers can rest assured that when they ship an item, the funds have actually been transferred from the Buyer and are ready to be deposited. Finally, we hold the transaction funds until the Buyer has a chance to inspect and verify the purchase has arrived in the as-described condition, quality, and quantity. Convinced yet? Keep reading to find out more about how we have leveled the purchasing playing field with the ARMSPAY platform.

Step 1: Initiate a Transaction

Both Buyers and Sellers must first register as an ARMSPAY user. Registration is simple, free, and takes only minutes. Once registered, a user can act as a Buyer or a Seller without having to create a different account.

To initiate a transaction, a Buyer or Seller logs into their ARMSPAY account and enters the email address of the party on the other side of the transaction. To send or receive money to the other party, the other party must also register as an ARMSPAY member. If the other party is not already a registered member, just give us their email and we will send them a personal invitation to join our community. ARMSPAY keeps a database of users with usernames and email addresses to expedite transactions.

What makes us different than the other payment platforms is that all our firearm transactions are delivered through a third party intermediary, namely a local ‘dealer.’ The buyer in a transaction will have the opportunity to search our database of dealers who can help with their transaction. The Dealer will receive the purchase, even if you are out of town. This means valuable items will never sit in the rain, on your doorstep, be received by a neighbor that you may or may not know, or risk being sent back because you are not home to receive the delivery. If your local Dealer is not already a participating ARMSPAY Dealer, just ask them to register through our quick and simple dealer registration form. Participation is 100% free for them too!

Step 2: Shipment

Immediately after a transaction has been initiated and the Buyer has sent payment to ARMSPAY through their checking account, we will notify the Seller by email that the transaction has funded and that it is safe to send the item that was purchased. We ask that the Seller ship the item as soon as possible through FedEx or UPS, fully-insured, and provide a tracking number. Once shipped, the tracking number for the shipment is entered into our system and provided to both parties. Both the Buyer and Seller can track the shipment through our website all the way to the Dealer. Use two-day shipping instead of overnight because the item can get there before we have the funds in our account.

Step 3: Receipt, Inspection and Verification

Once the shipment of goods has been safely delivered to the Buyers local Dealer, the Buyer can make arrangements for pickup of the purchased item. The Buyer will have the chance to inspect the item in the presence of the Dealer before delivery. If the purchase is delivered in satisfactory condition, the Buyer must take delivery. On the rare occasion where the delivered goods are not received in the condition, quality, or quantity that was expected, the Buyer retains the right to decline delivery of the item.

Step 4: Transaction Completion

Upon successful delivery of the item, the buyer will enter into the ARMSPAY system that the item has been delivered to the Buyer, then the buyer will decide to have the funds less our fee, via an ACH direct deposit to the Sellers bank account. Likewise, at any time during the transaction, the Buyer can choose to immediately release their funds to the Seller through completing the transaction in the Buyers dashboard. However, if the Buyer chooses to decline the item for any reason, the Dealer will return the item to the Seller, and we will release the Buyer's funds back to the Buyer, less our fees and actual return shipping and handling charges, which were incurred by the Dealer.